Thursday, September 29, 2016

What I Know Right Now

Yesterday morning I had a job interview. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror. I stared back. I asked myself the following questions.

What should I wear?

Where is that chin hair I was playing with last night while watching TV?

What if I get a booger?

What do I wear?

Does it matter if my legs are shaved?

Should I let the curls rock or should I tie them back in an attempt to subdue them?

Do I want this job?

Does it matter?


Oh yeah. What the heck am I going to wear?

I stood and stared a bit longer.

I looked at the patch of grey hair that makes the front of my head especially unruly and then texted my hair dresser to set up an appointment for a color.

I blew my nose thoroughly.

I threw on a skirt with leggings and my sensible but cute boots that don't  'clip clop' when I walk on tiled floor.

I tried for the chin hair but I could not get it. Where or where did it go? I can still feel it, I just can't see it.

I put on make-up which is getting tricky to do. If I put on my contacts that are prescribed for distance, I have to stand way back from the mirror to put eyeliner on. If I try to put eyeliner on before I have my contacts in, my nose and my eyeliner pencil bang up against the mirror.

Good grief.

I shaved my legs.

I tied the curls back. I decided they might be a little overwhelming as a first impression.

Off I went.

Now I wait.

And wait.

And go to my local kitchen store and buy a spiralizer so I can make this for supper.

This picture is not mine. I got this fabulous picture and recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. Check it out here.

And that my dear ones, is what I know right now.

Hope you are rocking it out there whatever you are up to.

Over and out.