Thursday, April 21, 2011


I started my week here.

Any guesses?  How 'bout if I showed you some of the people I hung out with.

Does that help?  May it be noted here what a fabulous photographer I am.  

Last Thursday, Kelli and I set out for Ontario.  My nephew is getting married and there was a shower being given for his fiancee.  I wanted to go.  I took Kelli with me.  We spent the weekend at home and it was glorious.  Mother, sisters, grand niece, niece, nephews, doughnuts, maple syrup, Schmittsville restaurant, Mapleview church, Ruth, Susan, ahh...... glorious.

We got back Monday evening.  I took Tuesday to shake loose from the 13 hour drive, catch up on laundry and settle in to life.  Yesterday, my first day back to reality, I felt bombarded.   I felt lost in a wave of details, constantly pummeled by the one more thing I needed to do, the one more phone call,  the one more thing not to forget.  Weary, like going for a thirteen mile run, tired, beat up.

I went out to the barn around 5:00 pm, to help give the calves their bottles.  Walking through those doors, I was met with an unexpected hush, a blanket of calm.  I was expecting to find one more thing to do, but instead I found peace, mingled with the smell of cows and pigs.  Who knew?  

Please believe me when I say that I do not believe that animals are in any way more important than a food source.  Yesterday however, watching Kelli, watching the pigs and the calves, I was given a reminder of how unhurried life can be if we choose. Maybe we need to keep close to us those things that are important and set down those things that don't really matter.   Life doesn't have to be about rushing, worrying, or stress.  It can be about whatever we choose.  Lord, help me choose wisely today.


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  1. This is exactly what drew me to Iowa...! After the week I hzve had, I needed this even though I am living it through your photos....ahhhhhh....thanks!



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