Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last night

Tonight Elizabeth is at youth group, Will and Farmer Boy are at the batting cages.  Kelli just came in from exercising her 4H pigs and I also just returned home from getting a substantial amount of hair cut off my head.  I needed a summer cut.

But last night, last night we took in a summer evening.

Farmer Boy needed to go feed the calves which are out in pasture.  They grew up and moved away from home.  

They live here now.  I guess they're big boys (actually we kinda took care of their 'boyness') and needed more room and more food.  They have a lot of grass to get through.  Eat boys.  Eat, be happy and grow big and juicy.

As I watched Farmer Boy drive, I couldn't help but feel he belongs in this place.  He belongs in his pickup.  He belongs in the hazy horizon of a June night in Iowa.

As I watch Will grow, I'm beginning to wonder what his future summer nights may be like.  Perhaps they will be full of Iowa.  Green grass, rolling hills, cattle and fence.  Maybe he'll belong in nights like last night.

Last night the girls stayed home.

They found their own way through a summer evening.

 Lizzy pitched into the barn door.  She stayed at it for quite a while.  Softball is a big part of her life right now and will remain so for the month of June.

Kelli chose her own way of taking in some summer. Back and forth, back and forth.   She has always liked to swing.

Summer.  We're just getting started and I'm ready for some more.  More lazy nights.  More hazy horizons.  More nights like last night.

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