Thursday, November 10, 2011


Last night I had Bible study at my house.  Every Wednesday a group of ladies comes over and we study the book of Esther together.  It's a wonderful study written by Beth Moore and if you've never done a Beth Moore study you really should.

Esther brings out themes of beauty.  We've talked about what beauty is and how interesting it is that along with Esther, we live in a society where beauty has become a thing that you do, not a thing that you are.

Esther was probably a young girl of maybe 13 or 14 years old when she was summoned to the palace of King Xerxes.

Elizabeth is 13. She has not been summoned to any palaces, but she did feel the call to dress up as David Bowie's character in the movie, "Labyrinth" for Halloween.

I don't know the name of the character.  Elizabeth and her band of buddies have for some unknown reason, taken to watching 'The Labyrinth' at most of their sleepovers.  They call this character, "The Creeper". Even Holly the silly, crazy, not very smart dog, seems a little unnerved in the presence of "The Creeper".

I call this character , "The LIZ".  She is formidable. She is unceasing.  She is on the move.  She stumbled into the bathroom last night while I was putting towels away and announced that it is was time to take care of her Sasquatch legs because she had PE today.  Sasquatch legs?  Only the LIZ could come up with such a term.

"Watch me mom."

Elizabeth broke her wrist performing this very move on her cousin's trampoline last August.  It hasn't deterred her in her pursuit of the perfect backflip.  Broken wrist?  Psshh...  That was a long time ago. Back flips must be done and must be done well.

I can't help thinking about Elizabeth when I study Esther.

Beauty.  Complete, total, unashamed, unaware, beauty.


  1. Should it frighten us that our daughters both dressed as creepers? Laurel was Pee Wee Herman....

  2. That makes me laugh that your daughter and friends like to watch that movie - that's such a weird movie, with David Bowie nonetheless


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