Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

I just finished cleaning up breakfast.  Bacon grease from Farmer Boy's daily dose of bacon and eggs, oatmeal pieces scattered, clementine peels, milk droplets.  The sky was pink and orange through my window as I wiped and washed, and I felt like I was in a church.  Solemn. Quiet.  So thankful.  Before I sat down here at my computer, I lit a candle and set it in the middle of my now cleaned off table.  It just seemed right.

This year has started off in a blur.  New job for Farmer Boy, more work hours for me, volleyball tournaments, basketball tournaments, Kelli's new job and class, dusting, toilets, groceries, exercise, trying to get back to my pre-Thanksgiving sugar restriction.  No wonder I've been feeling so tired lately.

I think it's amusing how my brain churns out the strangest things while I'm running from one thing to another.  If I was more prepared, I'd carry a tiny notebook with me and jot down some of my thoughts during the day just to give myself a good laugh every night.

Please tell me you can relate to some of these things.

1.  Why does my hair cycle through good days and bad days?  Why can't it just park itself in good and stay there?

2.  When will it be my turn to be the one who knows something?  It seems like I know nothing about anything.  I used to know stuff.  Where did it go?  I want it back.  I want to be the woman in the know.  Right now, as I sit here, I'm the woman who is always saying, "I don't know".  I'm tired of that.

3.  Are they serious about a higher debt ceiling?  Could I please talk to someone and tell them how crazy this all is?  I don't get it.

4.  What if I'm ordinary for the rest of my life?  What if I never accomplish something great?  What is great?  I don't know.

5.  Time really does go by too fast.  I just want to sit still, on the couch, with my kids and Farmer Boy.  We could eat popcorn. I'd pop it in the kettle because I don't like all the chemicals in microwave popcorn.  Is it true that you can put popcorn kernels in a ordinary paper bag and stick it in the microwave?  I wonder if that's true.  I don't know.

6.  Am I eating too many carbs?  I like carbs.  I love bread and cookies. Oh, and popcorn.

7.  Why did she look at me like that?  Did I say something stupid?  Is there a booger in my nose?  Am I a good friend?  I truly want to be a good friend.

8.  What should I make for supper?

I know there are so many more but I can't remember them right now.  My memory and lack of it could take me down another road of thoughts. However, I think that is enough for one day. Therapeutic to be sure.  What are some of your random thoughts?


  1. You are a good friend. You may or may not have a booger in your nose.

    1. I think I'm good with the boogers - just checked. Thanks Sarah.

  2. Your blog is my favorite...and you are the LEAST ordinary woman I know! We share the hair...and the random thoughts...and the memory lapses. I miss you!

    1. Too bad we live so far away from each other! Thanks for the kind words.


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