Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday. I'm looking forward to church tonight. Sometimes I need to sit still and hear the story one more time. Grace. I hope I never tire of God's grace.

Before we head out for the night I thought I'd show you some pictures from our week. 

Once upon a time, it seems like a very long time ago now, there was a girl named Rhodah. Rhodah came to live here from Kenya. She lived with her sister and I got to know her through our church. Rhodah was smitten with Kelli. Kelli was probably 18 months old at the time. I was heading back to work part time and I needed a babysitter. Rhodah got the job. 

She loved Kelli and Kelli loved her. Rhodah would carry Kelli everywhere and give her kisses. She loved all the clothes Kelli wore and I used her fussing over Kelli's clothes as motivation to dress Kelli up when she went to Rhodah's house. 

After we moved we lost touch with Rhodah. Her sister's family moved down south but Rhodah stayed here, went to school and got a job.  Last year we switched churches and who did we see one Sunday soon after we switched? Rhodah! Of course she couldn't believe how much Kelli had grown and I couldn't believe that Rhodah now had her own son.

Rhodah is the type of person that makes you smile. She is the fragrance of joy. I love being with her. She is so sweet and I'm so glad she is back in our lives.

This winter when Farmer Boy and I headed off to celebrate our 20th anniversary for a couple of days, we needed someone to stay here with the kids. Of course we thought of Rhodah. The kids loved having her and her son loved being here. The only problem was she would not let us pay her for helping us so when Farmer Boy found out that Rhodah needed some painting done in her new house, we found our way to pay her back.  Farmer Boy is a great painter. He's picky, a perfectionist and really a pain in the butt, but he does do a great job.

A couple of weeks ago he spent Friday night and Saturday painting a Rhodah's. Between the child care and the painting we were now 'even'. However, Rhodah knew that Farmer Boy had travelled to Kenya and loves Kenyan food.

Last Saturday night, Rhodah cooked us a feast.

Abby, Rhodah

Rice. Curried cabbage. Chapatis (flatbread) and chicken stew. Oh my goodness. It was delicious.

Rhodah's friend Abby joined us. Abby is from the area of Kenya that Farmer Boy visited.

Grace. Friendship. Amen.

Moving on.

Our dog loves to ride in the van. Whenever she hears us open the garage door she stands right by the van door waiting for it to open. Usually, due to her her van ride anticipation. she jumps over a kid or two to make sure she gets her spot.

This is her spot. The seat right behind the driver.

Notice how she luxuriates in her spot. The leg stretches out as if to say, "I love this spot, and it's mine, all mine."

"Don't mess with my spot."

"I'm so cute I can't even stand myself."

The last time my mom and dad came to visit we took a ride in the van. As soon as mom got in and buckled up, her nose turned up in a distasteful fashion. "It smells like dog in here."

I wouldn't know why.

Farmer Boy is reveling in smells lately. Spring fever has hit farmers around here big and bad. They can't sleep at night. They're jittery. They want out on the fields. They want to plant corn. They want manure on their field. Farmer Boy and his trusty sidekick to the rescue.

Actually this is a more accurate picture of his trusty sidekick. It's huge. It's green. It's full of know.

Last, but not least, Farmer Boy, Will and I all got to watch Lizzy at her first track meet this week. Her team won the meet. It was an incredible, ponytail blowing in the wind, experience. She ran a 800m medley, a 800m relay and then a 1600m race in which she beat her own time. She ran a mile in six minutes and 14 seconds. Wait, did you catch that?  Let me say it again. Miss Liz ran a mile in six minutes and 14 seconds. She kicked it.

 Can you see her? She's almost ready to run out of the picture. I always look for her ponytail.

Here she is coming up to the finish line. She did so well. She was tired. Her ponytail is awesome. I wish you could all see her in action. It's a sight to behold.

I think that's it. A week of farm life. A week of story. A week of grace.

Thanks for listening.

Have a fabulous Easter.

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