Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Morning Musings

"Summer, it turns me upside down.
  Summer, Summer, Summer,
  It's like a merry-go-round." (Lyrics from "Magic" by the Cars)

High of 98 degrees today. Hot, humid, my hair? What should I do with my hair?

Pool? Trip to Walmart? Need milk. Work. What should I wear to work? It will be cold inside, unbearable outside.

School. I don't want to think about school. I'm dreading it and yet there it is, looming, right out there on the horizon, edging closer and closer. Kelli is going to be a senior?  This is her last year of high school? No, not going there. Not today. No.

Supper. What should I make for supper? This?

This looks really good but I don't have everything I need.

I'm going to do this instead.

I have fresh parsley in the garden, a lemon in my refrigerator and a freezer full of pork. I also have the fixings for a Greek salad. Lemon pork picatta and a greek salad.  Mmm, sounds like supper to me. Sounds like a summer supper.

I should hurry. I still have laundry to get going, my hair to contend with, clothes to pick out for work and I'm late. Why am I always late?

Summer supper. Hot and humid. Dang hair. Milk.

I'm still sitting. I'm still frizzy. I'm not looking at that horizon.

Not today.


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