Saturday, September 8, 2012

College Avoidance

This is my eldest. Farmer Boy insists she's not just mine, she's ours. I suppose he's right, but I felt her flutter before he could, so I think I get to claim her.

Thursday afternoon I picked her up from school at 3pm. We hopped into the van and headed north. We had a plan. We had snacks. We didn't have a map, I'm not particularly good with maps, but we did have a sheet of scrap paper with written directions. Off we went. Two women on a mission.

We were going on a college visit.

By the way, if I fade away in the midst of this story please don't be alarmed. Our internet provider has not been faithful in providing us service. Our service has been down a lot lately. I'm trying to be kind on the phone but I'm losing my patience. When you pay money for a service shouldn't you receive the service you pay the money for? I was just curious.

Anyway, college visit.

I don't enjoy them. I don't want to think about my baby leaving me. What place is going to be better for her than home? Look at how cute she is. If anyone would ever think of messing with her.......well, it wouldn't be pretty. I may be a Mennonite but if you touch my girl I'd lose my Pacifism pretty quickly. Is college really necessary? This whole growing up and letting go thing is so completely over-rated.

Enough of my tirade.

Let me try and sum up our visit.

Awesome. Amazing. Engineering. Biomedical.  Christian school. Smiles. Blown away. Hockey team. Curling. Sydney Crosby. Gold medal. Just saying. My baby. Leaving me. I would be okay with her leaving me for this place. Expensive. Taking donations.

I think that sums it up well.

I think our college search is over. We may visit a few more places but I think the deal is sealed for Kelli and for me. If she must leave me and go away to school I want her at a place where she comes alive like I saw her come alive yesterday. So, if any of you out there have tips on getting your child through college and escaping a heavy debt load, please let me in on it.

In the meantime....

let's focus on hockey. I think avoidance really is the best way to handle all of this don't you?

Go Canada!

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