Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Monday

I'm having one of my random thought kind of days.

Are you ready? This may be a bit of a bumpy ride but it is Monday.

I tucked myself into my kitchen corner to get out of the way this morning. The girls were both fixing lunch, I was trying to make Will's lunch and get breakfast going. With all the commotion and mess happening around me, I stopped to wonder. Why doesn't this mess and chaos bother me as much as it used to? How can I keep this kid kitchen chaos happening for a longer period of time?

How is it that my dog seems to be spending more and more time inside? She's an outdoor dog that spends the majority of her time inside. Is she playing me? Is she smarter than I think? Am I less intelligent than I think?

I love Lizzy's hair. I need to buy us some more Deva Curl products.

I had this for lunch today and loved it. What would happen if I ate this every day for lunch? Should I? I want to.

When did it become cool to wear unmatched socks?

How am I going to become a well paid blogger if I can't get any time on the computer? Should we have more than one computer? Should I get a laptop? I love my men.

Hope you had a fabulous Monday.

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  1. Brianna always wears mismatched socks. It's just the thing to do.


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