Thursday, November 15, 2012

Checking In

My kids have been checking up on me. They come home from school, sit down at the computer and look to see if I've blogged that day. They have not been pleased. I simply haven't had any words to share. I've being going to work, trying to keep up with household chores, and then collapsing into bed at night.  I've had no energy for anything beyond my most pressing responsibilities.

My appendix recovery is almost complete. I will say I was unprepared for how far that small, useless organ would knock me back. The surgeon had told me six to eight weeks for recovery, but as I nodded at him in silence, I was thinking he didn't know me very well. I simply didn't think it would take me that long to recover. I'm fit. I work out. I'm tough.

Apparently, he knew what he was talking about. I hate that. Are there any other women out there who hate being wrong when a man is right? Maybe it's just me - I have issues.

Anyway, I've noticed this week, week five of my recovery, that I can sneeze and laugh without feeling a stab of sharp pain in my side. I can lay on my side to sleep. I can do downward and upward facing dog and not grimace.

Thank you all my dear friends and family who called me this week to check on me. I appreciate your love and concern.

So I'm going to share with you some essential things I've learned during my time of recuperation. I'm also going to share a few photos of life around here that are totally unrelated. I just don't know how else to get everything all done before it's time to get supper on the table.


Here we go.

Will during homecoming.

1. It's okay to be weak. Being strong is over-rated.

Elizabeth at Halloween.

2. The book of James is a powerful book. During the last seven weeks, I've completed a Beth Moore study on James. Here's my wrap up. Love your neighbor as yourself.

One of Kelli's senior pictures. Stay tuned for more.

3. Don't do yoga when you are recovering from surgery. It hurts. However, that first run after sitting around for a couple of weeks is a glorious thing. It may make you break out in the Hallelujah chorus.

My birthday supper with our friend Caroline. 

Apple cider cake with whipped cream. Yum!

4. Rest and recovery is essential. I've decided that times of rest and recuperation are necessary even if there hasn't been a surgery. It heals the soul. Let me restate that. God uses it to teach and heal and restore. He is so good.

There is no reason to share this except I like my ponytail.

5. Health is a gift. Exercise is a blessing. God is good.

It's time to get supper on and then I'm going to try a Pilates class with Elizabeth. We'll see how that goes.

Take care out there.


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