Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hallelujah and Amen (with a workout thrown in)

Life has returned to it's regular pace.

We get up, go to work, go to school, come home, eat together, hang out and than head to bed, preparing ourselves to do it all over again tomorrow.

Today the kids are at their homework. I should be cleaning but today the need for some stillness trumps my need to clean.

I wish I could show you some pictures of our latest barn critters, but the barn is empty.  Stay tuned for the arrival of some goats and pigs. Hopefully coming soon.

Here's a few things I'd like to share.

I am currently carrying on a love affair with C.S. Lewis. Here's what he said to me today.

"No possible complexity which we can give to our picture of the universe can hide us from God: there is no copse, no forest, no jungle thick enough to provide cover...In the twinkling of an eye, in a time too small to be measured, and in any place, all that seems to divide us from God can flee away, vanish, leaving us naked before Him, like the first man, like the only man, as if nothing but He and I existed."
(from the Business of Heaven, Daily Reading, January 8).



Return to normal routine also means I'm back to my normal workout routine. This brings me much joy.

Here's what I did today.

Ran on the treadmill for ten minutes.

Push-ups. Standard ones until I fatigued. Knee on the floor ones until I fatigued, and then I put my hands on a bench and did some inline pushups until I fatigued.

Weighted Squat with an Overhead Press - 20 reps.

Bent Over Row - 20 reps. Both arms at the same time.

Lateral Lunges - 15 reps. each side. I held a 12 pound weight.

Plank Walk Ups

I repeated this one time and then I hopped back onto the treadmill for 5 more minutes. I finished it all up by a ten minute stretch session.



The day is shutting down. The sun is setting. Here's what's going on outside my kitchen window as I write.

Three items of thanksgiving before I go.

1. Time on my couch early this morning with the newly risen sun streaming through my window and the words of C.S. Lewis filling my thoughts.

2. My health and the ability to tend to it with exercise.

3. An afternoon with the kids - homework and snow forts.


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