Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was standing by our well the other day. It is the place where we get water for all the critters. I was getting water for ZuZu, our mischievious,exasperating puppy.

The morning seemed to have it's finger up to it's lips, shushing my small world. Everything was obeying. Snow fell on snow. It quietly tinkled as it hit my coat and as piece by piece piled up, the magic of the hushed morning seemed to build. I was standing outside, cars were rushing by, ZuZu was chewing on my boot and yet it seemed like the morning spoke to me in it's inside voice.

"Look up. Take me in."

And so I did.

I saw something larger than my clock, than my schedule, larger than all I believe to be so important and urgent.

I stood there in the snowy silence and acknowledged His loving vastness full of grace and truth.

As ZuZu growled and chewed on, the morning winked at me and nodded.

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  1. Beautiful Kris!!! Stop and hear the it!


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