Monday, March 24, 2014

Is It Over Yet?

Monday. Monday. Why did you dawn white, cold and slippery?

No. We didn't go anywhere warm last week even though it was Spring Break. Someone has to stay back and take care of everyone else's pets. We decided to be the pet caretakers this year.

I wasn't bitter.

No. Our neighbor was not happy when ZuZu the troublesome puppy, decided to explore her sheep pen yesterday. After Will  ran across the road to retrieve ZuZu and took a bit of a verbal lashing from said neighbor, I received a phone call from same said neighbor. I could feel the urge to do some lashing of my own, but yes, I refrained. ZuZu was in the wrong. We were in the wrong.

Was I distraught? Yes. Was I bitter? No.

This morning I got up early and went to work out with my friend June. It was going to be a good day. I got home, made breakfast for the kids, saw them off and got ready for my day. I was driving into the parking lot at work, a parking lot covered with snow, a parking lot no one had yet explored on this snowy Monday morning. I was thinking ahead, planning my to do list, when the van decided it wanted some of my attention. It became disobedient, belligerent. I felt it running away from me.

Stop van! You don't want to hit that! Retreat! Retreat!

Did I have my foot on the brake? I have no idea.

Was I turning into the skid? Who knows.

Did I hit the huge boulder that someone thought was a good idea to put right there? Yes. Yes I did.

Did I have my eyes shut when I realized the van was not going to retreat and we were going to hit that boulder? Yes. Yes I did.

Was I bitter now?

Yes. Yes I was.

Monday, Monday, why did you dawn so white, cold and slippery?

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