Friday, April 4, 2014


I miss my camera.  I don't know if you've heard but some phones can take pictures. I don't have a phone like that. My phone flips up and I have to count when I text because the letters and numbers are on the same key. It keeps working so I keep using it.

However, Farmer Boy has a smartphone. Does that mean my phone is dumb?

I thought I'd share some pictures from his phone to catch you up with life around here.


Lizzy participated in a group speech competition. Her group scored a 1 and then was able to compete in a state competition. Here they are.

 Beautiful, talented and able to pull off a Southern accent for their piece.Way to go ya'll. Bless your little hearts.


Will had a birthday. He closed the door on 12 and opened a new one to teenager. It smells badly behind this door. Why are their so many food wrappers behind this door? What is going on here? I guess we'll find out.

We are in the midst of the never-ending winter. This morning, April 4, it is snowing and my world is once again blanketed in white. If it wasn't April, it might be beautiful. It is April. It's not beautiful. Please join me in screaming and shaking a fist at the sky!

We went through a lot of wood this winter. All we wanted to do was sit downstairs by the wood fire and watch the Canadians win Olympic gold. That's right. That was us. Gold. Men and women's hockey. But I diverge.

Polar vortexes make us run out of wood and now Farmer Boy is on a mission. We will have enough wood for next winter. He's going to make sure of it. He enlisted Will to help a couple Saturday's ago.

 Take that you polar vortex! You don't scare us. We're ready for you. Bring it but bring it in late January and then take it back February 1.

Kelli came home! We hadn't seen her since Christmas and by March I'd had it. It was time to see my girl. Farmer Boy drove up and snagged her for the weekend. She's almost through her Freshman year at college. What?! You go girl. We're so proud of you.

During this never ending winter, Will has been spending his Monday nights at school preparing for the Science Olympiad competition that took place last weekend. Farmer Boy and I had great fun deciding who would take him and who would pick him up.
"You go. I'm not going. It's freezing out there. It's warm here by the fire and I'm not moving."

Despite his parents unwillingness to drive him to and from school, Will participated in two events, crime busters and wheeled vehicles.

In crime busters they were given a crime and had to solve it. They prepared for this by experimenting with different substances to see how they react, learning about fingerprints etc. Here he is. Busting it.

 Wheeled vehicles were next. The vehicle had to have certain dimensions, and had to travel a required distance. Will and his bud spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. Most of it was spent on our kitchen floor. They had to get the car to go seven meters.

Here they are at the starting line.
Will was frustrated because their car didn't go the appropriate distance. I was so encouraged to see how much time and effort he and his friend put into it and to hear them talking about what they were going to do differently next year.
Mistakes and failures are excellent learning tools.

That is all I have for today. 

You are now officially and visually caught up with life around here.

Hope you have a fabulous, spring like weekend.

Just say no to snow.

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