Monday, September 14, 2015


Time goes by way too fast. I had more summer adventures to share with you but it is already the middle of September. School started for Kelli on August 25, and for Lizzy and Will on August 27. Since then I suppose I've fallen into some king of autumn whirlwind.

I'm happy to report that they are all settling in and doing well. Will started highschool and seems to have lost his ability to speak. I get a few words now and then but as long as I keep hearing, "I love you too," I'm completely satisfied.

Lizzy is in her last year of highschool. Her senior year. I don't plan on seeing her much but when I do I do try to take it all in as I know next year there will be another empty bedroom and a lot less noise and excitement.

Kelli is a junior in college. How did that happen? She is living in a campus apartment this year and learning how to cook. I'm going to visit her this week because I miss her and I need to see her. I'll also be out of town when she is home for her Fall break so since I have some time this week, I'm going to take advantage of it. I can't wait until Thanksgiving to see her.

Do you think that the more tightly you try to hang on to time, the faster it slips through your fingers?

So our story right now is all about a family in transition. We are all growing, changing, moving and becoming. It's exciting, stressful, messy, overwhelming, joyous, and sad. I think we've been at this since we started but what once was a whisper is now a turned-up roar. We have no map or guidebook. There are suggestions and advice from friends but we are making it up as we go. I'm convinced I'll never truly know what I am doing.


I'm clueless.

I wish I could wrap this up all neat and tidy, perhaps leave you with something spiritual and mind-provoking, but that would mean I had some type of clue. I don't. All I've got is a ticking clock that tells me it's time to head out to a cross country meet to watch Lizzy and Will run.

Over and out.

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