Monday, October 26, 2015

Trying not to Forget


Is it gorgeous where you are? It's gorgeous here. I was out running this morning as the sun was coming up and I simply could not digest all the beauty. The sun was rising, the sky was clear, the trees were starting their day proud in their crimson and orange display, and to top it off, I glimpsed some low-lying mist in a freshly combined field of corn. Mystery. Morning. Possibility.

I wanted to run through all of it. I wanted to wrap my arms around it and stuff it in. Mine. Mine. It was all mine. As soon as I thought it, I realized my ugly thought could steal the beauty. It wasn't mine to be had or ingested. It was simply there to be seen. It was a beautiful gift that I had the privilege of experiencing. It was grace.

Last night I started to go through photographs. With Lizzy graduating this year, my plan at this point is to put together some sort of scrapbook for her.

I stayed up way too late pouring over pictures. How can one look at photographs of their children or their loved ones and not be reminded of grace?

We've been so blessed by this amazing, crazy, frustrating, exhilarating, simple life! Am I starting to sound a bit sentimental and hormonal? It's possible. I'll sign off now but take a look at some of these blasts from the past. Maybe it will inspire you to get out some of your old photos and be reminded of those things we all tend to forget.

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