Saturday, December 17, 2016

When You Are Tackled by a Week

I started the week off in Wellesley, where the snow came down and down. I cuddled under flannel sheets in a bed my mother made up just for me. The snow fluttered, fell, and kept up, until finally it decided it needed a rest and when it stopped, we loaded up the van and headed west, back to Iowa.

Back to real life. Back to routine. Back to our life.

But the return was a bit jolting. Have you ever felt that? Like being bulldozed by a team of uniformed, burly boys decked out in shoulder pads and helmets? They tackle you and bombard you until you find yourself at the bottom of a heap.

That was this week.

Heavy. Frustrating. Disorienting. A bit face down in muck with grass stuck up my nose and in between my teeth.

Good grief!

But today is Saturday and the burly boys have grown weary of me. I feel as if I'm sitting on top and from up here the air feels clearer and carries with it a faint scent of hope mixed with a bit of promise.

My mind is clearing and as I sit up here and ponder all the things I classify as my "I don't knows", I am attempting faith.

Did we make the right decision? - I don't know.

Am I doing enough? - I don't know.

Is there something better, something more out there? - I don't know.

What are your "I don't knows"?

Maybe today we can sit up here together and figure out a path through our "I don't knows" or simply decide they can be ignored and we will navigate a path around them.

It feels good up here don't you think?

Let's pray.

Lord, come. Please come and sit with us today. We are going to set aside all those things that cause us to worry and make too much noise. 
We won't speak. 
We will just sit and be with you.
Come, sit, and we'll breath deep of your sweet calming Presence and Peace.

We love you. We need you.


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  1. Sweet pure honesty so beautifully expressed, once again. Thank you Kris.


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