Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Beat Back the Frump!

Therefore we are always confident and know that as long as we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord. For we live by faith not by sight.

This is my friend June and her husband Joe. June gave me permission to share a little story with you in hopes of bringing some encouragement.

June and Joe had a wedding on Saturday and so they got all spiffied up and off they went. I saw June later on that evening and I fussed over her and told her how fabulous she looked.

She texted me the next day.

OK. So I have to tell you. I was getting ready for the wedding and I felt good about myself especially for being 50.
Then I got to the wedding.
I started looking and comparing and seeing everyone else.
They had tighter bodies.
Their clothes were better and fit better.
Their jewelry and hair was all better. They were better and suddenly I felt so frumpy, out-of-style, and insignificant.

Umm. We've all been there right? Please say it's not just June and I who have ended up in Frumpville.

We texted back and forth for a while and finally I told her this.

We all feel frumpy sometimes don't we?
We shouldn't.
We have come through so much. We should be in prison, or wearing a bib, or tied up in a straight jacket bouncing around in a padded room, but we aren't.
We are still standing.
We are beautiful because God's grace says it is so. He has made us beautiful and strong.
But we forget.
We forget that He is the Vine and we start looking at everyone else and we just forget all about grace.
So this time it's my turn to remind you.
You are beautiful, strong and completely loved.
You remind me when I end up in Frumpville.

We can't deny we are aging. I have seen people try and mostly they end up looking ridiculous and a bit sad.

Age is changing us to be sure. Things are sagging, getting bigger, floppier, and there is not many women my age gracing magazine covers. If they are, they have had work done or have been air-brushed.


Here's some truth.

Every wrinkle tells a story.

Saggy arms hug better.

Expanding bottoms are great because they offer support when you need to sit and hold someone's hand, or have someone hold yours.

I will admit that my tummy is not pleasing me right now. I do talk to it. I grab it by both hands and look it in the eye (it only has one!).  I ask it where it came from but instead of scolding it, I do hereby solemnly vow to start praising it and thanking it for doing it's part in bringing me my three precious ones. Apparently it was stretched to it's limit and pulled in ways I don't understand, but so be it.

I am not saying we should stop being active and making healthy choices.

Definitely not.

I'm reminding myself and you if you need it, that though our precious bodies may be unrecognizable and frustrating, they are beautiful. Even if the world doesn't acknowledge it, we know.

We know our bodies tell a story.

A story of life and of grace.

So instead of heading to Frumpville, please tell yourself how beautiful you are and when you next look in the mirror, stop for a quick second.

Stop and look at yourself. Stop, look, and thank God for all the life he has blessed you with and ask him for the faith to see all the ways he has stamped your body with His grace.

It's about faith, not sight.

Beat back the frump!

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