Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday mornings can be a little crazy down on the farm.  I get up at 5:07 am and head for the gym to meet up with my wacky friends.  I usually don't get home until 7:10 am.  Farmer Boy has been working crazy hours and he will usually be gone by the time I get home.  He will usually make a skillet full of scrambled eggs for the kids which is a huge help because the kids have to catch the bus at 7:23 am.  If they have started on breakfast by the time I get home, I can sign the necessary papers, pack the necessary snacks, answer the necessary questions and get them out the door on time.

This morning however, it went something like this.

7:11 am.
Hey! Why have you guys not eaten your breaksfast? Dad made eggs.  Eat them.
We weren't hungry for eggs.
What do you want?  Hurry.  I'll quick fix you something.
Oh, I don't know.
I'm making some toast.
I don't want toast.  Can I just have a clementine?
Yes. You can have a clementine and some toast.  You need some peanut butter protein.
Eat it.

7:19 am.
Will, where's your stuff.  I need to sign your planner.  Get it.  Do you have your snow pants?  Where's your hat?  Get it. What do you want for a snack?  Crackers.  You want crackers.

Lizzy -  Where's my mitt?  I can't find my mitt.

Me - You just got them last night!  Find it.

Lizzy - Where is it?  Where's my mitt?

Me - Will you need your shoes.  Shoes. Shoes.  Get your shoes.

Lizzy - My mitt!  Where's my new mitt?

Me - Will your shoes are wet!  Carpet!  Not on my carpet!  Bag. Bag.  Get your bag.

Lizzy - My mitt!  Where's my mitt?

Me - Will. Will. Get. Get something.  Kelli. Where's Kelli?  Oh, she's right behind me.  Why are you so quiet?  Will.

Lizzy - I can't.  My mitt.  I'm going to have to go without my mitt.

Door opened.  Kids exited.  I sprinted for my winter wear, and headed out to wait for the bus with them.  Lizzy had an epiphany as her hands were tucked into the sleeves of her jacket.  "My mitt.  I think it's in the bathroom.  I took it off to brush my teeth."  With no comment about why she was wearing her mitts in the bathroom to brush her teeth, I gave my solemn promise to look for it. The bus pulled up and off they went with a kiss and a prayer.

I turned and ran back to the house, as the cold was overpowering.  I entered the kitchen, surveyed the chaos and saw this on the counter.

Sometime during the whirlwind of morning, I had the presence of mind to make myself some tea.  Yes, it's the time of month when I need some moon cycle tea.  I grabbed my cup, went to the living room and plopped by my east window which was patiently waiting for me.  I had five minutes to drink my tea and talk with God about the morning.  We laughed.  The chaos seemed to be over, we had made it through. Whew.

Here's some information from my Mennonite Cookbook about tea.  Thought you might find it interesting.

Teas and What They Are Good For

All teas are made the same way:  1/4 cup dried leaves or roots, 2 cups boiling water and a little honey.

Chamomile Flowers  - diarrhea                 
Bone Set - sick with cold and fever
Thistle Root - for rheumatism
Mullet Leaves - anemia
Burdock Tea - kidneys and bladder
Black Strap Molasses - arthritis
Sage Tea - stomach settler
Callomile - kidneys, intestinal infection.

They must not have had moon cycle tea when this book was published.  I'll add it.

Moon Cycle - for finding calm after a crazy morning of getting your kids ready for their day when you're hormonal.



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