Monday, January 17, 2011


It's Monday and my brain is sluggish.  I really don't have much to say.  The weekend was good.  Will had a game.

I know I'm his mother but he is really good.  He's quick.  He's the point guard.  He scored a lot of baskets.  He was hurting on Sunday from all the running he did.

We got more snow last night.  We have a chance of freezing rain today so I wonder if the kids may be dismissed early.

Hard to say what will happen today.  There may be a change of routine.  Early out.  Farmer Boy is not working today because of Martin Luther King day and that's a change.  He's getting ready to go run some errands and I'm  hoping he leaves soon because he's driving me nuts. Maybe that's not much of a change.

Change.  The word fascinates me.  It hints of adventure and refreshment.  I see beauty hidden in it.  New places, different food, unfamiliar faces. Change.  Stepping out of my routine. My husband banging around the house, when I'm used to it being quiet.  Laundry, groceries - how would change affect the way I get things done around here? Where? What? How? Suddenly change seems a bit frightening.

Perhaps life is always changing and to tell myself on a Monday morning that this week will look the same as last week, is a lie. The kids are always changing, The weather changes.  People in my life come and go and that brings change.  Perhaps my life is more exciting and glamorous then I give it credit for.  Perhaps God has tried to tell me that countless times before and I shrug him off.  Hard to say.  

Right now I need to change the laundry and get changed for my day.

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