Thursday, January 6, 2011

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there was a beautiful little girl with blond curls.   She was born in the Fall, introduced to a world of colorful leaves and mixtures of crisp morning air with warm afternoon breezes.  She loved to snuggle with her mother and when she would take afternoon naps, her mother would lie down beside her to watch her sleep.

This little girl grew and grew and the mother continued to watch her.  One day the little girl and her dad went for a walk and as the mother watched them out the front window, she noticed that the little girl had a determination in the way she walked. It might have been the way she grabbed onto her father's hand to lead him to the park.  It could have been the stride of her legs or the way her head was bent.  Whatever it was, her mother saw something that made her smile, and as she gazed out that front window she tucked the picture of her daughter's determined walk deep into her heart.

The little girl kept growing and changing.  Things were not always easy for her.  She was different than the other kids her age, better some how.  She was sweet and good and her mother continued to watch her and be amazed.  The little girl taught the mother about patience, unconditional love, and that the word 'normal' is a silly word that doesn't mean much at all.  The little girl's determination grew too.  It got stronger.  Her mother would watch her accomplish things and remember her view from that front window all those years ago.

One day the little girl turned 16.  She wanted her driver's license.  The mother was very afraid.  She knew bad things could happen and wanted desperately to protect her daughter.  The daughter was determined.  The mother knew it was time to let go and let her daughter practice being a little more grown up.   The mom grabbed her camera and took pictures of her daughter's first solo trip.

"Wait, wait," the mom shouted.  "Be careful.  Don't forget to look twice and then one more time.  Call me as soon as you get to school."

The daughter smiled, waved through the window and in her own determined way, drove down the driveway on her way to school.  Her mother watched, smiled and tucked away another picture deep into her heart.

The end.


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