Wednesday, February 9, 2011

God Likes to Laugh

I had my day planned out.  Here was the list.

Get kids off to school.
Do yoga.
Bible study.
Make fire and hang  out with kids.

Nothing vast or exciting.  No grand plans.  It was to be a  simple day with a simple plan. Wednesday.

Have you ever heard the saying, "If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans"?

I think He's laughing.

I told Kelli that I would take her cute little car today to go to Bible study, work and groceries so I could fill it up with gas for her.  Aren't I a good mother?

I was looking forward to jetting around town in something other than my domesticated mini van.  I went out to start the car.  I noticed that the locks were being funny.  I'd put the key in to unlock and as soon as I'd remove the key, the door would automatically lock back up.  As strange as that was I kept at it until I finally got in, started it up and promptly got back out to run inside to my warm house.  I think I heard it immediately after I shut the car door.  Click. Lock.  Car running, key inside.  

We have an extra set of keys.  It's on Farmer Boy's key chain.  Farmer Boy is in San Antonio, Texas.  In meetings.  Meetings where he has his cell phone turned off.  

The hunt began.  "There has to be another key around here somewhere," I told myself.  No key.  Car is presently still running.  I'm waiting for the tow truck guy to come and unlock it so I can pay him $45.  

I got the bright idea to text Farmer Boy.  It takes me some time to realize all my technological options.  After about five messages that simply said, "HELP. CALL ME NOW!!!!!!!!", he called.  He told me he knew about the weird lock situation and that he has the only extra key.  

Lessons I'm learning as we speak.
1.  Get my own key for Kelli's car.
2.  Find out minute details of all obscure things before Farmer Boy leaves the farm for an extended period of time. 
3.  Don't freak out over unnecessary money being spent.  It's just money.
4.  Be nice to tow truck man when he gets here, if he gets here, please, please get here.
5.  Plans, lists, are meant to be flexible.
6.  Don't take this out on the chickens tonight when it's time to chore.
7.  Don't be too proud to make necessary phone calls to apologize to Farmer Boy for perhaps insinuating that we aren't very smart.  It's okay to say I'm sorry.  I better call him to tell him I'm sorry. I hate saying I'm sorry.
8.  God likes to laugh.

Well, I wish I could say I have to go because the tow truck guy is here but he's still not here.  I think I'll go hang out with the chickens.

Breathing deeply. 

Still running.  

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