Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Monday.

The sky is grey. Farmer Boy is gone for the week. One has sniffles, one a sore throat, and one a broken heart.  The Steeler's lost.  Monday.

Here's my list.
Embarras myself at the gym while running/dancing on the treadmill while listening to my Ipod.
Take movie back (Ramona and Beezus). We love you Ramona.
Stop at grocery store.
2:30 chiropractor appointment.
Call meat locker to work out details about our cow being slaughtered.
Don't tell the kids about the cow.
In case they read this, think of better word for slaughter......butcher? Work on this.
Make Kelli's chiropractor appointment.
Re-acquaint myself with chickens.
Be gentle with chickens.
Don't hurt chickens.
Spend as little time as possible with chickens.
Fish Tacos for supper.
Lose myself in Bel Canto.  (My current book - by Ann Patchett. Thank you Sarah Small)


Wait!  Not so fast.  Let's linger here for a minute.

Saturday, Kelli had a piano recital at a retirement home.  She did a wonderful job.  Every afternoon she fills our house with beautiful music.  The piano, the music, are Kelli's companions.  They are part of her.  Saturday she, along with some of her fellow students,  filled a retirement home with music, smiles and yes, even some snores.

The snoring gentleman was sitting behind me.  Even though I thought about it, I didn't take his picture.

There was a sleepover for Elizabeth, a swim party for Will, and Kelli's recital.  A good weekend.

Okay, it's time.  I'm moving ahead.  This week I've decided to read through Luke.  It's been a while and I simply decided it was time.  It's good to have an assignment to work through, why not Luke?

Ready?  Here I go.


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