Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Story of the Week

Look! The sun.  It decided to do a little work around here this week.  This picture was taken on Sunday morning.  How appropriate.

Farmer Boy is gone this week.  He and I did chores together Sunday morning.  He's getting water for the chickens.  I let him mess with them.  I don't like chickens.

They leer, and plan and connive. They were plotting but I foiled their plans.  I didn't enter their coop of terror, their web of intrigue.  Not that day.  Let it be known that I am smarter than a chicken. 

Unfortunately I've had to go in every day since, but because I am smarter, I refuse to validate their schemes by re-telling them.  I don't like chickens, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  

I am growing fond of these little guys though. Look at them.

They have big brown eyes.  They moo delightedly at me when I enter the barn.  They simply need me to give them their milk. In return, I'm kinda falling for them.

"I am good.  Chickens are evil.  I will never dive bomb you.  You give me warm milk.  I'm yours forever."

The kids and I have had fun this week feeding them.  We had to separate one calf by himself.  The other three were bigger and were being bullies.  Bullies?  The bulls were being bullies?  Hmm.....  Perhaps they were just doing what they do.  Anyway, the three brutes are a little tricky to feed.  The one who gets done first will go after the bottle of the other calves.  We quickly stick our hands into their mouths so they have something to suck on while the others are finishing up.  Elizabeth giggles.  Will scrunches up his face and jumps up and down.  Kelli won't do it.

I have no pictures of this.  It's hard to take a picture when a cow is sucking on your hand.

So our story on the farm this week involves many things. Sunshine.  I love a good sunny story. A woman surviving on her own.  Good and evil. Woman vs. birds. Bullies, but cute bullies.  Children with hands stuck down the mouths of cows giggling, scrunching, jumping up and down.

Not a bad story I guess.  What's your story of the week?

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