Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just Dreaming

Farmer Boy and I often read before we fall asleep.  The other night I glanced over to his side of the bed to see what he was reading.  I was shocked to see his beat up copy of "Farmer Boy" in his hands. Why was I shocked?  I'm not sure, except it seemed that he had just recently read it.   I also didn't realize that the cover no longer resides with the book.  It got tired of being manhandled, or maybe Farmer Boy handled, same thing I guess.

We turned off the lights and each snuggled in for the night.  I smiled to myself and wondered what his dreams would be filled with.


cows with plenty of pasture.  Maybe a trio of geese waddling, chatting and filling the farm with delightful noises.

Maybe his dreams were filled with glorious green machines and harvests of the future.

Del and his farmer friend Chad bought a combine.  Here it is in all it's glorious wonder.

It's green and Farmer Boy tells me that's what makes it so beautiful.  My dad, thinks all things red are beautiful so I'm confused, but it doesn't matter what I think.  This green machine is Farmer Boy, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Farmer Boy and Chad bought the glorious green machine from a lovely farming gentleman.  He was a little sad to see his machine go, from what I'm told.  When asked how long it would take him to combine a certain area of land, his reply was, "Not long enough."  I find that sweet and amazing.  A man who apparently dreams the same dreams as Farmer Boy.  Apparently I need to stop thinking that Farmer Boy is some kind of strange anomaly.  I guess there's more of him out there.  People who like chores.  People who like to farm.  People who dream of taking care of animals and meeting their  needs. I dream of sunshine and warm sand.  Am I strange?  Umm...not all questions need answers.

So I guess dreams can sometimes become real.  I think that's easy to forget.  Farmer Boy is working on making his dream a reality.

 I couldn't resist this shot.  Was I just dreaming about Farmer Boy in his farmer jeans?

The combine is sitting at Chad's house where all of these pictures were taken.  It's sitting, waiting to harvest Chad and Farmer Boy's dreams of wheat and corn.  I can't wait to see it at work.  I'll be there with my camera, smiling at Farmer Boy, proud of his dreams. Maybe I'll be basking in sun with my feet buried in sand.  One can always dream.

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