Friday, May 6, 2011

Hate and Hail

This week has felt like a hailstorm.  Things falling from the heavens, bopping me on the head. All week I've been running for cover but this morning I realized I was trying to take shelter in the wrong places.  The tree I was hiding under and clinging to, got taken out by a lightning strike.

May God forgive me when I choose anything but him.

You know what's strange? Since I stepped out from under the tree, I feel like the hailstorm is over.  The sky is settling.  The wind has blown through.  I feel peace that I haven't felt all week.  Amazing what a little quiet time and prayer can do.

So, the verse of the week has been James 1:19-25.  I'm going to quote (from memory so forgive me if I don't get it exactly right), the first two verses. "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires."

Slow.  Listen. Righteous life.  God desires.

Here is some slow listening from my front porch this morning.

 Every morning as part of our routine, I have to sign Will's school planner.  This morning he pulled out a poem he had written at school.  It had to be about a feeling and it had to address all five senses.  I thought it was very good.  I think he's a gifted writer.  I'm not biased.

So here it goes, from the top.  Close your eyes, well not really or you won't be able to see, but imagine that he just pulled this out and you're reading it fresh from his binder.


Hate looks like the inside of a volcano.

It's color is sad like gray or black.

It smells like burning smoke after a war.

It tastes like rotten potatoes.

It sounds like the screams of someone having a baby.

Hate makes me feel as cold as ice.

Will's thoughts seem to come from the hailstorm.  I'm glad he sees hate the way he does.  There's nothing good there.  Nothing happy.  Nothing desirable.  All I see is a bleak, drab, completely colorless place.  In fact it looks like the tree I was hiding under this week.  I'm ditching the tree.  It didn't work.  My head is aching from all the hail hits it took.  Today, I'll try slow, listening, righteous and God. 

Over and out and treeless.


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