Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Summer Day

I'm starting to hear summer slipping away.  I'm trying to ignore it but when I sit still and listen it is there.  July is rushing by in a blur of noise and activity.  I've heard talk from friends about purchasing school supplies.  I've covered my ears and made silly noises at the sound of all of it.

I love summer.  I love having the kids home.  I love the slower pace.  I love not having to watch the clock.

We went to the park the other day.

The kids played on the playground equipment.  They play this game called 'wood chips'.  It is a tag game.  You have to close your eyes, or in this case cover them with your sister's hair band, and feel your way around the play equipment while trying to find someone to tag.  You can't touch the wood chips.  If you are not 'it' and you touch the wood chips, you become 'it'.

The kids had a blast.  I wasn't sure if they would still enjoy playground equipment, but they figured it out.

I sat and watched.  I listened to them giggle.  I looked up and took in the lovely blue sky and the puffy clouds.  I didn't do anything and that was nice.

Summer.  A day at the park with my kids.  The kind of day that grounds me, reminds me of what is important, the kind of day I need to fuel the other days that are filled with motion, mess, stress and sometimes even a load of heartache.

I'll take all the summer I can get.

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