Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Summer days.  Trying to keep cool.

Trying to keep all critters from melting.

 Please, spray me.  It feels sooooooooo good.

 I love this.

Some of us look a little mean.  Don't cross us.  We're hot.  We're grumpy.  We really don't want to talk.

We just want to hang out at the pool.

Today there is a bit of a breeze and that makes everything seem a little better.  I might be able to carry on a conversation without snarling at you.

Honestly, surprisingly, our moods have not been near as bad as I would have you think.  Air conditioning is a wonderful thing.  We are definitely experiencing the lazy, hazy days of summer.

I was lamenting in my journal that summer is passing by much too quickly.  While I sat wrapped in my early morning quiet, I was remembering summers past when the kids were small and we spent time at the wading pool here in town.  I thought about their diapered bottoms in swim suits, holding their hands while they walked through the water, cheering them on while they jumped off the side into knee deep water, watching them sleep it off during their afternoon naps.  Of course there were also the long walks in the stroller.  Watching out for big trucks, flowers, and all other treasures their tiny hands might pick up and grasp tightly until we got home for night time baths. Summer.  Time together. Time past without me realizing what was brushing by me.  This morning I would have grabbed on, taken a ride back in time for just one more touch, one more sight of their little bottoms, one more walk with the stroller.

I know that this time is precious, priceless, and yet I fret that I'm not as productive as I should be during the summer. Why?  Old habits I guess.  Ridiculous. This summer will be gone too quickly and the only treasure I'll have clenched into my time worn hand will be this time.  These moments at the pool with my feet dangling in the water, watching and playing with the kids.


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