Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gift

Once upon a time in a faraway green land, lived a family with a peculiar disease. Sometimes they would find themselves shrinking and fading away. All they could think about were scary things, and the scary things would make them worry.  When they worried their skin would turn grey, their thoughts would grow fuzzy, and the words they used with each other would become clipped, short, and sometimes even mean.  They didn't even know what was happening to them.

To get better, they needed special medicine.  They didn't take it with a spoon or swallow a pill, they simply opened their door and stepped outside. Being outside changed them.  Their grey color turned to a warm pink tinged with a special glow. Fuzzy thinking distorted their faces, and made them scowl but when they were outside the scowls became smiles.  Instead of short, clipped, mean words, they listened in amazement as lovely words flew out of their mouths.  Sometimes they even broke out into song.

Other people noticed how much they were enjoying their time outside, how beautiful they would become, and they would come and join them, to touch some of the beauty, to listen to the singing, and to throw the football.

The most amazing thing was how oblivious the family was to how they changed. They simply stepped outside not even knowing how grey, mean and scared they had become.  The transformation was a gift.  An unexpected, wonderful gift from the One who loved them best.  They didn't have to do anything.  The One who loved them best took care of all the details and made them truly beautiful. I'm told it's what He does best.

The End.

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