Friday, August 19, 2011

Making a List and Checking It

If I had made a list for the last two days it would have looked something like this.
Appropriate school clothes washed and ready to go - check.

Bus schedule retrieved and reviewed from school paper pile - check.

Kelli's car fueled and ready, cross country and volleyball practice times known - check.

Dog wound up with first day's excitement and then dog confused over where kids went - check.

 Personality appropriate school attitudes in place - check.

First day is down and by all accounts it was a great day.  I'm glad we have these two days of school in.  It gave us a chance to exercise the jitters and as a pleasant take home gift we are left with a calmer and more subdued weekend.

I'll add that to my list.

Weekend with school jitters out of the way - check.

Hope you have a blessed weekend as well.

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