Friday, September 30, 2011


Will just got home from school.  No school tomorrow.  He has his trombone.  Melodious practicing is on the list of things to do tomorrow. 

First order of business when coming home is Chips Ahoy cookies.  They beat the feeling of famished off.  

Next, computer games.  His eyes are perusing the computer, wondering when he can get me to move away so he can take over. Must play computer games.  Now.

Not happening. His tired mama is not giving up the computer.  I'm sitting.  I'm not getting up.  It's Friday after all.

Oh!  A tooth was lost today during reading.  I guess class was a real tooth clencher and he clenched a little too hard.

Kelli has no time for Chips Ahoy or computer games.  There is homework to do.  It's Friday after all.

Leave it Kelli.  It's Friday.  Let's go do something fun.

Mom!  I need to do this.

It's Friday.


Okay, I'll leave you alone.

Lizzy is not home yet.  It's Friday after all and there are things to do in Lizzy's world.  Right now it's volleyball practice.  She'll get home from that, drop her gym bag at the entrance to her room, grab this candy on her bed, throw it into her sleepover suitcase and off she'll go.  It's Friday.  Friday means sleepovers and in tonight's case, Friday means a birthday party sleepover.

I think I'll pass on that.

I'm going the fuzzy socks, big sweatshirt, popcorn and movie route followed by a night of sleep unhindered by an alarm clock.

It's Friday after all.

Happy Friday.

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