Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A walk with Bon Jovi

I went for a walk this afternoon after work.  The sun is shining here today and the temperature is supposedly 84 degrees.  Lovely.

I put in my I-Pod to walk. I like to walk/dance down our road and give passersby a reason to laugh or smile.  Before I knew it Bon Jovi started singing and there I was, living on a prayer.

In my first semester of college in California, my room-mate was from Oklahoma.  She was a preacher's daughter.  She was wild, exciting and to this shy, quiet, Amish Mennonite girl, she was a bit dangerous.   I was far from home,wide-eyed and hugely cautious of everything and everyone around me.

She loved Bon Jovi.  I thought listening to music that was not Christian would send me to hell.  She voiced her opinion by putting a true to life size poster of Bon Jovi on our bathroom door.  His hair was wild, long and unruly, he wore a tie or some kind of bandana thing around his head.  He was wearing cut off denim shorts and sitting in a position that was kinda, well, kinda provocative. I thought we were going to burn. I was too chicken or perhaps to Mennonite to say anything.

Eventually the fear wore off. I'm sure that around Thanksgiving I even stopped blushing when I returned to our room from class.  I guess I got used to him and his shorts, and before I knew it I was listening and singing along to his music.

It's been over twenty years and I can still see him quite clearly.  It must have been the shorts.

It's amazing how music triggers memories.

After my walk I sat on my swing and took in my surroundings.

Let's pretend you're sitting in the swing next to me. Maybe our conversation would go something like this.

Ahh...it is so glorious out today.  Look at the trees.  It seems like someone flipped a switch last night because today color seems to be exploding everywhere.

What a nice bird feeder.  Who made that?

Look.  Here he comes.  I wonder if he's lonely getting off the bus by himself?  Kelli is at a cross country meet and Lizzy is at practice.

I guess he needed to take in some of his day too.  Isn't it nice to just sit still once and a while?
By the way, why don't you sing it with me. 

Yeah, we're half way there, yeah, living on a prayer, take my hand and we'll make it I swear, yeah, living on a prayer.

Thanks for stopping by and chatting.  

Mr. Bon Jovi wherever you are, thanks for the song, the memories and those shorts.


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