Monday, September 12, 2011


Yesterday was a glorious day.  Sunshine, fluffy clouds and temperatures around 80 degrees.  Absolutely glorious. We celebrated the day by going to Will's flag football game.  We met and chatted with friends.  We sat in the sun.  We laughed, we cheered, and I took goofy pictures of people.

There's little man.  Ready to go.  Ready to play.  Ready to run.  His team is called the Texans and yesterday it was the Texans versus the Steelers.

At one point in the game Will caught a pass and ran down the field for a touchdown.  I had my camera in hand but I was cheering and forgot to take a picture.  Will is also very fast.  I constantly tell him he is built for speed.  He is long and lean and fast.  Too fast for me to get the picture of him scoring a touchdown.

The Steelers beat the Texans but the score was close.  Will did great.  When the game was over and supper was cleaned up Will wanted more football, the NFL variety.  We hung out downstairs to watch some of the game.  Don't ask me who was playing because honestly I don't know.  Don't tell Will but I don't really care either. I wanted to be with Will.  He's the only football player I am interested in.

Holly, the crazy chocolate dog, joined us last night for the NFL game.  She loves being in the house but I don't love it, so she is not allowed in very often.  I suppose I was feeling generous after the good time I had at Will's game.  Holly came in and assumed her favorite position.

She loves laying on the carpet at our feet while we watch television.  I guess she had had a hard day of chasing squirrels, cats and patrolling the chicken coop, poised and ready to attack if one decided to make a break for freedom.

 If you take one more picture of me I'm gonna bark.  Get the camera away from my face.

 Wait. What?  Will has string cheese?  I'm up.  I'm ready.  I want some.

Please Will give me some cheese.  Did I tell you you are the greatest football player ever?  Please give me some cheese.  I like it.  I want some.

Will fell for the football player compliment and gave in to the crazy chocolate dog.  All was well with the world.

Football, friends, sunshine, sting cheese and time with my little man.  Thank you Lord for Sundays.

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