Friday, September 9, 2011

Ponytails and Volleyball

I love to watch Elizabeth.  She is so full of life and energy.  She can be wild and loud, sweet and completely lovely.  She is a force to be reckoned with to be sure, but it is all part of her charm.

Last night was her first volleyball game.  She was nervous.  She was ready. She was wearing a ponytail.

Her ponytail is getting curlier and curlier as she matures. Thankfully I have every known curl product in my bathroom so I think I've got her covered. Her ponytail bounced, her curls quivered and I found myself in a trance. I was totally tuned in to my daughter, the game and her ponytail.  My girl, playing so well, doing her thing, her ponytail up, down, side to side.

The most difficult thing for the girls this year is serving.  They have to serve overhand.  Miss Liz has been practicing since school started and she is getting it figured out.  To add to the nervousness of the first game, Liz was introduced to a rule enforced by the official.  After the ref blows the whistle to indicate that play can start, you have five seconds to serve.  Liz has a whole warm-up routine that she performs before she actually serves.  She bounces the ball three times and then sets up to serve.  Her first time serving, the whistle blew, the five second clock started, the ball bounced, the ball went over, and then the ref blew the whistle again.  Liz lost the serve because she went over the five second time limit.

What!  Her ponytail slung over to one side as the ref blew the whistle.  She listened to the explanation.  Her ponytail jerked up as her head went down in disappointment.

By the end of the game she had it figured out.  Her ponytail got quite the work out.  So did my head and neck.

What a girl!  What a ponytail!

Go Lizzy go.  I'll be here watching every minute.

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