Monday, October 24, 2011

A Girls Weekend

Reasons why a getaway weekend with your girlfriends is necessary.

1. To have an excuse to take pictures of friends while they have a funky expression on their face.

2. To have a reason to go to small towns in Nebraska with only one movie theatre in town.

3.  To spend an afternoon watching the old Footloose movie to get ready to see the new Footloose movie.   And to try and imitate the dancers on the poster just because you want to, without worrying about embarrassing your children.

4. To watch the new Footloose movie in a cool theatre where there was space to get up and dance. These ladies had just finished dancing and were catching their breath for the next round.

5.  To remember to tell God thank you for sending you friends that are precious, fabulous, dear to your heart, and part of your life past, present and future.

Thank you God.

Thank you Kari and Shelia.


  1. You know what I have to say, right? J-E-A-L-O-U-S! Hello friends!!

  2. What a nice way to sum it all up. I really like number five. I am so thankful that we are friends, and that our husbands recognize the blessing as well.
    Sarah, we had your space reserved, even though you were not there. You were missed!


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