Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is an ordinary day. Monday. I suppose the story surrounding us right now is all about routine and responsibility with the main focus being school and work.

Why do I feel like there is more?  More what?  I have no answer for that that but I see and feel more at night when I call Holly (the dog) in.  Other times I catch a glimpse of it when I walk back in the driveway in the mornings, after my precious ones have boarded the bus, taking them away to school. There it is.  How can it sparkle in the night sky, hand in hand with the sound of dry leaves rustling in the wind, and dance across the fields, recently shorn of their summer bounty, as the sun rises?  I wish I could tell you, but I can't. It's a feeling, a longing.  Perhaps it's hope.  Hope for renewal.  Hope for peace.  Hope for perseverance to make it through the storm that may be coming any day now.  Perhaps.

Today has been full, scheduled and active.  It's not over yet.  Tonight is trick or treat and we need to eat early so we can get the kids to where they want to be.  I've been busy with the day and it's routine, not a lot of time to think about it, to search for it or to attempt to build words around it.

I did take some time to walk around our little farm with my camera.  Maybe you'll see what I see or maybe you'll just scratch your head wondering what I'm talking about.  I'll let you decide.


  1. I know that feeling! Sometimes I think it is a longing for heaven, that perfect place of peace.
    I read a book once that talked about spiritual pathways to connect with God, and how everyone is different. Some people are on the intellectual pathway, some the relational, some the serving pathway, some the worship pathway, the activist or the contemplative pathway. The one I relate the most to is the creation pathway... "There is something deeply land God-breathed about nature."
    (The book is called "God is Closer Than You Think," by John Ortberg.It is a great book, and I found it easy to read. I clearly do not follow the intellectual pathway!)

  2. Hmmm- that quote isn't quite right! It should read "There is something deeply life-giving and God-breathed about nature." Missed few letters in there!


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