Friday, December 9, 2011


Farmer Boy announced last night that he had downloaded his hunting pictures off his phone.  Here they are, the official 2011 deer hunt pictures.

Kelli announced on Wednesday morning that her car wouldn't start.  It's dead.  Totally dead.

I realize that the above picture is completely unrelated to a dead car but did you really want to see a picture of Kelli's car just sitting there?  I decided you didn't.  I decided that you much rather see a picture of our Christmas tree.

Elizabeth announced that she likes to drink tea with her pinkie up in the air and that tomorrow at a church event, she is going to teach some younger girls how to drink tea the same way.

Will announced that he puked last night during basketball practice.  He decided it was because of too many suicides.  He has a tournament on Sunday. Should we reconsider the whole basketball thing?

I announced that it's Friday and I'm not going anywhere tonight.  Nowhere.  Nothing. Purple fuzzy robe. Tea.  Ahh....

Have a great weekend.

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