Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After Christmas

I sat in church yesterday without Farmer Boy.  He inherited my flu and spent Christmas Eve and yesterday feeling like he had been hit by a truck.  His own description included the words "depths of despair".  Don't you think men are a little dramatic when they're sick?

We sang Christmas carols at church, and as we sang I bit down hard, not allowing any tears.  I thought of my mom and her alto voice, my sisters, and my brother, all in different places.  I stood in that church at that moment, and yet I felt like I was standing in a thousand moments that have long passed.  All those moments that brought me to my present one.  All those moments I treated so carelessly and casually.  I sang, my eyes looking up, my precious children beside me, and I tried to treat the moment with the utmost of care, to fully and completely ingest it.  No more careless moments, I told myself.  It all goes by so fast, change in a blink, precious, fragile, necessary.

Today, I took my camera with me on my most recent quest - I suppose it's a quest against the ordinary.  Perhaps no moment is ordinary.  Perhaps all moments are precious.  That's what I'm going to believe.  Each moment is precious.  Here are some of my precious moments.  Here is a glimpse of our day after Christmas down here on the farm.  

Just because a moment is precious, doesn't mean I don't have questions.  Why were these shoes outside, frozen into the ground?  Why does no one have an answer for me?

 She looks likes she knows something but she's not talking.

 A bow quiver constructed from a empty tube of wrapping paper.  Pretty good idea if you ask me.

 A hunt for a missing arrow.  We have some new and very stylish hats around here as well.

This remote control helicopter is very cool.  I found out yesterday that it doesn't do well with my curls.  Will got a little too close and it got tangled in my hair.  A precious moment that almost turned ugly.

Look at my boys.  Precious.  They're playing our new video game on our new T.V.  Like the bald spot?  I suppose I should be thankful that I have hair for a helicopter to get tangled in.  Poor, balding Farmer Boy.

Thank you Lord for all of today, the day after Christmas. May I stop longing for more. Help me to stop wrestling with what is to try and make it into what it isn't.


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