Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter? Sun.

I took these pictures last week while I was out running with Holly.  This is our favorite running place.

It was mid-morning. It was officially winter.  The kids were still on Christmas break.  Christmas was over, and we were sitting in the quiet that happens between Christmas and New Years. While they slept in, played video games and read, I strapped on my running shoes and took off. I never want to miss an opportunity to feel sunshine on my face when it's officially winter.  Usually around here, sun and winter don't get along very well.

I remember being amazed at how warm it was, how there was no snow on the ground, or even in the air on one of the last days of December. I stopped several times during my run just to lift my head to the sun and let it warm my face. I think that may be called sun salutation.

I did not run today. I should have. I could have saluted the sun several times.   Today is as beautiful as the above pictures.  Today's temperature is hovering around 60 degrees.  Yes, it is January in the Midwest.  No, we have not had any snow days, or blizzards, or road closures because of snow.


I'm not complaining.

I'm going to hope I can perform sun salutations tomorrow.

We'll see.

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