Monday, March 12, 2012


Why do I love the back of Will's head? Why do I want to kiss it every time I pass him?  He just got a buzz cut from Farmer Boy and I can't stop rubbing his head and kissing him. One day he'll tell me to knock it off, but thankfully that day hasn't come yet.

Why do barbecue hamburgers taste so good? Yesterday Farmer Boy's family came for lunch after church.  It was a last minute thing but it was absolutely perfect.  Burgers and family.  Why plan more than that?

Why does my dog hunt chicken? She killed two last week. She has the taste of them in her memory and apparently needs a 12 step program to overcome chicken addiction. Someone really needs to train her.

Why does the sound of cars rushing down our road make me think I'm forgetting something.  They sound like they are in such a hurry, rushing to the next important thing.  I hear them and think, hmm... shouldn't I be off to do something important?  For the life of me I can't think of anything important I need to rush to. It seems like everything important is right here.

Why is the weather so wacky?  From snow to seventy degrees. Why complain? It's Spring Break and we'll take seventy degrees.  The kids are outside playing volleyball and shooting arrows.  They just clamored into the house after baseball gloves and a bat. Our routine has been set free for the week, and instead of rushing around with coats and hats and boots, we're not rushing anywhere and we're wearing shorts and flip flops while we're doing it.

Why ask why?

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