Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My kids are always saying, "that is so random."

Prepare yourself for a huge dose of random.

Here we go.

I know this may be a strange thought but when I was making breakfast last week I looked down at my carton of eggs and thought the sight of eggs sitting neatly in their carton was a beautiful and homey thing to see. 

This is Holly. This is Holly with her head stuck in a well house that sits next to our chicken coop. It is empty and serves no purpose except for one.

It makes a great safe house for chickens that are being pursued by Holly.  This chicken got out, probably provoked by an addicted chocolate lab, and when it realized that if it didn't take cover it was dog food, it popped itself into the hole of the well house.

Holly wanted that chicken.  Holly couldn't figure out how come the chicken could fit through that hole and she couldn't.  Holly's judgement is impaired by her need for chicken.

The chicken was safe.  The chicken was taunting Holly.  "Nar nar nar na nar nar, you don't fit."

Kelli to the rescue.  She pried open the door to the well house, grabbed the chicken and returned it to it's safe place.

Two days later when I drove into our driveway, I noticed something brown on the front lawn.  Thinking it was a baseball glove I went to retrieve it. It wasn't a baseball glove. It was a chicken. I don't know if it was this particular chicken, but I guess Holly had the last laugh. Her addiction is worsening. Anyone know a good 12 step program for chicken addicted dogs?

Will's cute, fuzzy head. I'm not sure what he's watching but he spent a lot of time last week watching basketball. It seems the entire world is watching basketball. When will I not have to watch basketball?

Spring Break was last week. We all spent some time reading. It was either read or basketball. I read "The Hunger Games." Hopefully more on that later. Kelli likes to read in the living room and Lizzy likes to read in her bedroom, with the door closed. She also likes to cover her door with multi-colored sticky notes with Bible verses on them.

After a mild, barely there winter, spring has come. 

We are back to our normal routine this week. Holly hasn't killed any chickens yet. The world is turning from brown to green. Baseball practice started today. Spring means rain, rain means humidity, humidity means fuzzy, curly hair.

How's that for random?

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  1. I read the Hunger Games series and was not as thrilled with it as my daughter was. She's so excited to see the movie. I think this first movie will be good, but I'm not all that excited to think about books 2 and 3 in a movie.

    I guess I compare all young adult lit series to Harry Potter, which I adored.


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