Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Sassy Self

It usually happens during dinner. We'll be talking about our day. Everyone takes a turn to share. Someone says something that triggers something else and Farmer Boy or one of the kids will turn to me and say, "Mom, did you get_______today" or "Mom, did you do________today" of course there's always, "Mom, did you call so and so today to make that appointment?"

My heart will feel like it's going to stop. My armpits get sweaty. My brain starts churning and I become desperate. I frantically try to beat down the cobwebs in my fatigued brain trying not only to remember what I did that day but also what the name is of this child who's addressing me.

Usually, it goes like this.  "Umm..... nope, I guess I forgot." My head droops down. I feel like a failure.  My brain putters to a halt.

Enter my sassy self.

"But I did do five loads of laundry, made breakfast, made supper, went to work, washed Will's shoes (why do boys wear their school shoes in chicken poop?), cleaned up a pile of chicken poop in the mudroom (probably from the school shoes), went to Wal-mart, got gas, washed the van, cleaned toilets and dealt with my unusually curly hair. Oh, and I looked good doing it.* Oh yeah, I also ran 5 miles this morning. Do you really want to mess with me?"

I like my sassy self.

The other week, Will's assignment at school was to bring in a favorite book from his childhood. He wanted me to find, "There's A Wocket in My Pocket", by Dr. Suess.  When he asked me at dinner if I had found the book that I had told him was in a box somewhere in the attic, I told him I'd be right back. I marched upstairs, drug the box out of it's hiding place and lugged it into the living room. By lugging I actually mean I got Farmer Boy to carry it downstairs for me as it was too heavy.

Look what happened.

Suddenly everyone was in the living room exclaiming, "I remember that one. I loved that book. Ooh, I forget about this one."

It was kind of glorious. If I would have done it when I was supposed to, well, we wouldn't be looking at these pictures right now would we?

I totally know what I'm doing.

*Just a side note. I had someone tell me the other week that she was checking out my Facebook page. She saw some pictures of me from the good old days.  Do you know what she said?  "You used to be a hottie." Wait. What? Used to be? Whatever.

I totally know what I'm doing and I still look good.

Everyone needs a sassy self.

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