Friday, July 6, 2012

Great Things

Friday afternoon. The kids are at the pool.

Yes, I drop my children off at the pool and leave them there. I struggle with that every time I pull out of the pool parking lot and head home without them. Should I drop them off? Should they be there without me?

There are lifeguards.

When I do stay I can never keep my eyes on them. Sometimes they head to the lazy river. Sometimes they are on the tube slide. Sometimes they are on the curvy, twisty, slide that spins you around in a tunnel of darkness and them spits you out before you know what hit you. I'm never doing that one again. They could be in line at the high dive or the regular dive.

They don't really need me there.

They don't really need me there?

Well, let's move one from that thought shall we?

Here's some pictures from our week.

Monday night we voluntarily filled our house with seven extra fourteen year old girls. Why? Why would we do such a crazy thing? It was time to celebrate our sweet, sweet Lizzy with her sweet, sweet friends. She turns 14 tomorrow and so we had a party with a taco bar, a zebra print cake, a movie projected onto the barn door, and a sleepover outside in the trailer.

We do this every year and every year I hear the words, "we didn't sleep at all," in the morning. Why do we call it a sleepover? Doesn't sleepover imply sleep? Am I missing something here?

Tuesday night we met some friends and watched fireworks. This picture was taken from Farmer Boy's phone so it doesn't capture the night very well. Close your eyes. Picture yourself in a lawn chair sitting next to a friend. The warm breeze is bringing you some relief from a sweltering day. The moon is full and seems to be smiling down on you, pleased. Children are running around with sparklers and the way the night is lit up makes you wonder if you're dreaming, or if such a magical night could possibly be real.

Wednesday was a holiday. I think we need to petition those in charge that every Wednesday should be a holiday. I liked how it broke up the week. Can you please start working on that? I'll sign it.

We headed down south to visit grandma and grandpa. Burgers, beans, brats, corn on the cob, brownies, cake and cousins. A complete day.

We set up the sprinkler and tried to desperately to find some relief from the heat. I was amazed at the bravery of the men in my family. A little cold water touches their skin and they suddenly sound slightly feminine. They run, screaming, "It's cold, it's cold."

I'm proud of my most recent coffee table arrangement. Holidays seem to free up something inside of me and since I had some time, and an idea, I went outside, snipped some hosta leaves, arranged some books and a candle and was pleased. I know they are just hosta leaves but they make me smile.

Farmer Boy caught me in my favorite place, doing my favorite thing, during my favorite time of the day. Please excuse my attire, but it was morning. Focus on my lovely hosta arrangement and the sunshine flooding my living room.

Farmer Boy snapped this one on his way to work Thursday morning. During the night the thunder and lightning stomped and flashed across the sky bringing us a hint of moisture and this glorious sunrise.

To God be the glory.
Great things he hath done.


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