Friday, August 17, 2012

On a Bus and a Prayer

First day of her last year of school. Her senior year.

First day of high school.  Her freshman year.

"First day of school?. Really? It's time?"

First day of sixth grade.


I"m a little unglued. My babies. My precious ones.

My prayer.

Hem them in today. Behind. Before. Remind me that your hand is on them. They are yours. They were knit together by you, inside of me, for you purposes, for your glory. Their days were ordained by you, and for you. You know their thoughts. You know when they rise and when they fall. You love them. They are yours.

Thank you Lord. Thank you for teaching me about love through my three precious ones. Love is work, it's messy, it stretches and stresses, love is commitment and responsibility, love is the difficult things. Love breaks and bends, it takes down to bended knees because there is no where else to go. Love is all of this and so much more. Love is three precious ones starting school.

Thank you. Flood me with your love. Strengthen and renew me by your word and your truth. I have to pass it on to them, to give it away, so you will be praised.


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