Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Day in the Life

Hacking coughs and runny noses. White piles of tissues and empty cans of 7UP. Thermometers and fevers.

That is what life looks like around here. Kelli started us off. She works at a daycare in our local gym so I think she picked something up. Will joined in next, and then Elizabeth.

I've been making them take Echinacea, EmergenC, and as much hot tea as I can pour down them. I've been giving them Tylenol to help bring their fevers down and to help with their headaches.

Will has been too sick for school and has been home with me. Today was a new day and this morning all three boarded the bus. Although the routine this week has felt unstructured and out of sorts, as I watched the bus drive away, I was a little sad. I hate for them to not feel well, but I love being home taking care of them. Is that weird? Today I have to go to work and I've got to say I'm not really that excited about it.

Oh well. I'll do it, and when they get off the bus I'll be here asking them how they feel and how their day went.

Since I've been home a bit more this week waiting for the next request of tea, tissues or Tylenol, I've found some things to share with you.

First are some new blogs I've stumbled on.

This blog is written by Rosella. She is a lady from my home church who I can remember seeing in the audience when I was standing on the platform during Vacation Bible School performances. I love her blog. I read it and feel like I'm at home. I also am so encouraged by her gratitude and love of life which is evident in the way she writes. She also has some great recipes.. Food from home. Mennonite girl food.

This is a fun one. She has food and workouts which I love. It seems like a lot of her workouts were for the treadmill, which is good, but given the choice I would choose outside every time. She does have some good strength workouts which I am always looking for.

This is another site full of recipes. I didn't spend a lot of time here because when I found it, my dinner preparations were in full swing and I needed to tend to them. I will definitely be spending some more time here looking around.

Inspired by my internet travels, I thought I'd post my workout from yesterday. A lot of bloggers out there post workouts. Some even film themselves working out and you can work out with them.

I subscribe to "Oxygen" magazine. Each issue contains strength workouts. Most are specific, such as, workouts for your lower body, workouts for your shoulders or for you derriere.  I usually do strength workouts twice a week and I come up with them by myself. Sometimes I use my Oxygen magazine, sometimes I use things from other blogs and sometimes I make things up. I write it all down on a piece of paper and head to the gym.

This was my total body workout I came up with yesterday.

Standing Alternate Dumbbell Press - 15 reps with 10 pound dumbbells.

Upright Row - 15 reps with 10 pound dumbbells.

Standing Lateral Raise - 15 reps. I used 8 pound weights for this one and maintained a bend in my elbow which this video doesn't demonstrate.

Lunge Cross Chop - 15/side. I used a 10 pound dumbbell.

Single Legged One Arm Row - 15 each side. Again I used a 10 pound weight and a wall for support.

Plank Pull Through - 10 reps.

Sumo Squat with Calf Raise - 15 reps. This link gives you a general idea but it's not quite how I did it. While standing in an upright position with feet open off to the side, wider than hip-width apart I hold a weight with both hands at my chest. I proceed to squat until my elbows hit the inside of my knees. Press back up to the top and then continue up to your tip toes. Repeat.

Lateral Lunge. Alternate legs while holding a weight. I held a 25 pound plate.

Dumbbell Jump Squat - 15 reps. I held 10 pounds in each hand.

Dumbell Split Squat - 15 each side.

Marching Glute Bridge - 15 each leg.

Split Legged Burpee - 10.

Squat Circle - 15 each side. I held a 10 pound weight.

Bicep Curls - 20 reps.

Tricep Push Backs - 20 reps.

That was it. I repeated the whole thing once.

My entire workout was probably about 45 minutes. I started out on the treadmill. I walked for four minutes, ran for six, and then walked again for two minutes to bring my heart rate back down. After my strength sequence I took about ten minutes to stretch. It was awesome.

My quads and glutes are very stiff today. I guess I worked them, and that makes me happy.

Sick kids, new blog sites and a workout.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Thank you for your kind comments! So glad everyone is feeling better - now take care of yourself so you don't come down with "it" too! Your workout sounds really good. The farmer and I were going to bootcamp at the local gym in Milverton for a while and really loved it. We've been slacking off lately but have good intentions! Curling seems to be our only exercise lately - oye! Hoping to get some Christmas decorating done this weekend!


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