Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I looked out my kitchen window while I was in the midst of supper preparation. Holly (the crazy chocolate doggie) walked across my field of vision. The snow was halfway way up her legs and yet she was completely and totally delighted. The kids were out with Farmer Boy who was clearing the driveway. Snow, activity, kids, all the makings for a perfect doggie day.

I heard the banging of the mud room door and the kicking of boots against the wall. Will was back in the house. I listened for his feet to come up the stairs and into the kitchen where I was fixing supper.

Then I waited for the words I get every day around this time.

What's for supper Mom?

I don't know why I don't come out with a straight answer. I like to torment him for some reason. Perhaps it's because he asks the same question everyday. Perhaps I fear the, "Yuck"  response. Today I had no fear. Today I gave it right to him.

We're having Sombrero Pizza.

Sweet! High five.

He loves Sombrero pizza.

Elizabeth had just finished her pizza. She had taken Kelli's exercise ball and was sitting on it in the living room, trying to work out a sore back she came home with from her first track practice yesterday. As she was rolling back and forth, side to side, she hollered at Will.

Will, go downstairs and watch Andy with me.

They've been into the Andy Griffith show lately.

I don't want to watch right now. You can go down by yourself. 

But I want some family time. Come down with me.

Here's some snippets I actually have pictures of.

Farmer Boy took his girls to our church's Father Daughter dance. When they returned home, Elizabeth came running into the house like a shot to find me.
Mom, Mom!  He danced. He actually danced! Dad danced with us!
It's true.
I'm still speechless.

I don't really want to talk about this, but my baby turned 12. Next year he'll be a teenager! He likes to remind me that he'll be able to get his driving permit in two years.

In two years he may be driving, but today he's still rolling around on the floor, trying to figure out what to do with an unexpected snowstorm and unexpected free time.

Hope your day was ordinary and blessed.

Over and out.

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