Thursday, February 28, 2013


I love soup. Love, love, love it.

Doesn't it just make sense when the world outside is frigid and frozen to walk into your warm house, sit down at your warm dinner table and spoon warm soup into your belly?

Makes sense to me.

I've stumbled across some very good soup recipes lately and so I want to share them with you.

Makes sense to me.

15 minute warm and hearty taco soup.

Last Thursday night I had planned to make Sombrero Pizza. Around 5pm I found out that we were going to have one more for supper and I knew that one pizza would not feed us all. I ran to my computer and searched for something and found this. It was quick, it was easy and it was delicious. Farmer Boy and our guest wanted more heat, so they added some Tabasco sauce.

Turkey Pot Pie Soup

I had leftover roast chicken in the fridge. It wasn't enough by itself to be a meal for the five of us. I went to my computer and found this recipe from my friend Rosella. At first I was hesitant because I didn't want to make the noodles. They were a breeze. This soup was simple and delicious and the kids loved it. Thanks Rosella. Delicious.

Pasta Fagioli Soup

We had this soup on New Year's Day. I threw everything into the crock pot, played 'Just Dance 4' on the Wii while watching my children stare at me with mouths wide open.

"Mom, where did you learn to dance like that?"

"Oh, I've got the moves baby, I've got the moves."

I think it's funny that my kids are surprised when they see me do something more than cook supper and put away laundry. I can do stuff. They just don't know it. the day wore on the smell of this soup filled up the house. Another delicious one with the added bonus of being a crock pot recipe. We even ate downstairs that day which is something I rarely let the kids do.  It was a holiday. It seemed good and right, like this soup.

Hamburger Minestrone Soup

I've never actually made this soup with the hamburger. I should call it Vegetable Minestrone Soup. I also substitute pesto for the Italian seasoning and stick a heel of parmesan cheese into the soup while it's simmering. Then I grab a loaf of sour dough bread, some slices of Munster and Colby-Jack cheese and make grilled cheese sandwiches. Then I stand on my chair. do a little dance while hollering at my family that supper is ready.




And yum.

Soup. It's what's for supper, or at least it should be.

Makes sense to me.


  1. Soup is the Best thing for warming the belly and the soul!!! I must try some of the soups you've linked - I think I'd love the Taco one for sure. Another delicious soup I often make is Cream of Carrot-Cheddar Soup from the More-With-Less-Cookbook pg. 204!! Stay warm......

  2. Hey there sis,
    I to enjoy soup however Ron does not. I made the Taco soup for Rhiannon, Keith and myself this sat. As Ron is working, all enjoyed quick easy and delicious! Thanks for the recipe.


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