Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Couple of Things

Today was a 5:30am run on the treadmill. It was breakfast with my three lovely ones and  a walk out the snowy driveway to catch the bus on this first day back after Spring Break. It was three loads of laundry and an updo so I didn't have to wash my hair. It was getting to work pretty much on time and then sprinting to the grocery store during my lunch to get a few forgotten items. It was coming home this afternoon and running up the stairs to yank off my work clothes so I could finally slip into my warm leggings, my pink fuzzy shirt and my grey woolen socks. It was a few moments with Kelli before she left again for work. It was time alone with Will watching him pull out his Knex and listening to him construct. It was the call from Lizzy.
"Mom, can you come pick me up?"
"I'm on my way."
Track practice was over.


Here are a couple of Monday things.

Lentil Sausage Soup is what's for supper.

Anne Lamott won me over with "Traveling Mercies" and when I was at the library I thought it was about time to read this one. I read while I was eating leftovers for lunch. I can't wait to read more.

This is what I'm listening to.  It's been a while since I've taken the time for Sara. Not sure why. It's good to sing along with her again.

During Spring Break the kids and I watched the Hunger Games movie. Well, I wanted more. I went to the library and read through Catching Fire (which is book two) and now I'm reading MockingJay which is the final installment. It's not a big stretch for someone like me who deep down is a super spy girl to pretend she's Katniss Everdeen.


Wait! It's not Monday anymore. It's Tuesday. It has been all day. Last night I got caught up in supper and being Katniss Everdeen until sleep stole me away to today.

Today was a lunch time workout and hair that had to be washed.

Today was a staff meeting and will be a FFA dinner banquet.

Right now is Chai Spice tea with a hint of milk and two squares of dark chocolate while Will hovers over my shoulder wanting the computer so he can work on his Knex project from instructables.com.

The week has begun. Spring is still hiding away, giving in to the demands of this non-stop winter. The week will be busy, stuffed to the breaking point with activity, church and family.

My prayer for myself and for you this week is that there will be time to sit still, to absorb what happened on the cross and to take a moment to look up and say, "I love you too. Thank you."

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