Monday, May 13, 2013

This Week

This week will be big.

My mom and dad will arrive tomorrow from Ontario.

Farmer Boy's sister comes in on Thursday from California.

Kelli's last day of school is Thursday.

Graduation is Sunday and Kelli's Open House is also Sunday.

In a week from today all of the excitement will be over but from where I sit today there is a lot on the horizon.

I sat down this morning and tried to wrap my brain around everything. This is the stuff that makes someone like me go a little nuts. How many lists do I need to make? What are we going to eat? Do I have everything I need for the party? What am I going to wear? Details. Details Details.

So this morning I did what every woman like me would do.


It is Monday after all and that is what one does on Monday.  One also goes for a run and cleans bathrooms. One changes sheets on several beds and washes blankets so they can hang out on the clothesline to dry grabbing the fragrance of the day, and tucking it away deep into their fibers. One makes a huge salad for herself for lunch and sits down with the phone and a calendar to make some appointments.

One makes a pot of spaghetti sauce for supper.

One tries to tame the hair, always the wacky hair, because tonight is the Awards Ceremony for the Seniors and I need to be presentable.

It's going to be a big week full of family, food, fun, frazzle and most likely frizz. Seems like the perfect way to celebrate a sweet girl and all of her accomplishments.

Before I go I wanted to show you how the kids spent their evening last night.

With everything that's on the horizon, they played baseball. It just made me happy to listen and watch them out there together.

Hope you have a fantastic week.

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  1. Aww love it!! Have a wonderful week Kris. A great reason to celebrate for sure!


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