Monday, December 9, 2013

Picture Time

It's time to post some pictures. My mom worries about me if I don't.

Will secretly wants to be Jace Robertson from Duck Dynasty.

My baby has a beard.


Farmer Boy and I may be aging, but we maintain our sense of style.


Kelli was home! 
We hugged, kissed and then loaded up in the pickup to go get our Christmas tree.

I liked this one.

And this.

This is the one we picked after much deliberation and a bit of arguing.

The kids have jumped into Christmas. They come home and turn on Christmas music. They've ordered most of their gifts for each other online and as soon as they arrive, they wrap and put them under the tree. Will and Lizzy can't wait for Christmas break. They like the time off from school but they also like when Kelli is home.

 Lizzy's been making these cute infinity scarves.

Will made cookies yesterday.

I made roast chicken and vegetables for supper tonight.

Baby it's cold outside. Warm food, warm heart....isn't that what they say?

Last but not least I have to introduce you to the newest member of the family.

This is ZuZu Bailey Johnston.

She came to live with us about a month ago. We lost our precious Holly to the highway by our house. It was more traumatic than I would have imagined.

We found ZuZu at a animal shelter. She's a bit of a mutt - Border collie, Australian shepherd and Labrador but she's very sweet. She spends her days in the barn with our pigs. They have neighboring pens. They hang out. They oink, bark, eat, poop.  ZuZu looks like a bear, smells like a pig and barks like a dog. It's a good combo.

Is that good mom?

Love you.

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  1. LOL - this is a delightful post Kris! Hope momma Jean loves it. Your puppy is adorable (though a little stinky).


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